Friday, February 27, 2009

I am mindful of the honor...

... of being a Sockateer, in more ways than I can put in words.

I spent today "bundling" yarn with Tammy, who tried to teach me how to tell (without actually picking up the yarn) how to tell lightweight from mediumweight from heavyweight STR.

Okay, heavyweight is simple: it feels heavier when you twist it into bundles. (I may be slow, but I'm not completely clueless!)

I'm struggling with feeling the difference between lightweight and mediumweight. Yes, yes, there are different "ties" on the skeins before they're bundled (lightweight has "fluffy" ties, mediumweight has ties that don't take dye so look more-or-less white) -- but once they're on the table, tie-less, I struggle.

So what, that today was my first day bundling yarn? Cut myself some slack? Learning curve?!?

SOMEone is going to knit the yarn that I (wait, what? ME?!?) bundled today. (Thank $WhomEver that I have nothing to do with dyeing or design!)

SOMEone is going to assume that it's the correct yarn, with the correct label, and (I hope!) looks like a proper skein of BMFA Socks That Rock! when they see it.

If you purchase Tina's yarn any time within the next, oh six months, and think anything negative, please have a second thought before you blast BMFA.

It's probably my fault, made on my first day as an official Sockateer.

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Menopausal Death Crone said...

Duly noted! Its amazing isn't it? How different it looks from the other side?