Monday, February 16, 2009

Shall we try this again?

I'm beginning to feel guilty. I read about other people's projects, get ideas, try new things and, although I'm not at all confident that I've got anything of value to contribute, give nothing back. So I'm going to try this "blogging about knitting" thing again.

That said, I did re-learn (for the umpteenth time) something today: when you use the kitchen sink to soak hand-knit socks, it's wise to use the correct plug so that the water actually stays in the sink. Yes, it's true. After 20-ish minutes, I returned to a sink containing socks with a light froth of bubbles on top -- but no water. (Hard to "soak" with no water...)

I finished two pairs of socks this week (don't be impressed -- I didn't start them this week!): the January club socks and a pair of my "stupid" socks (the socks aren't stupid; I can knit them when I'm feeling stupid) in STR Smokey Blue.

I pretty much followed the instructions for the club socks, and am thoroughly delighted with the cast on. JC Briar taught us the tubular cast on at camp last year, but she taught us so many brilliant cast ons that I forgot how much I liked this one. I added an extra repeat to the leg, and stopped the beads just above the heel. Very, very pretty!

I seem to have started a new sweater before sewing up the CPH (perhaps declaring it here will prompt me to actually do it?), which is pretty dumb 'cause I'd like to actually wear the sweater.

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Menopausal Death Crone said...

I think you always have a lot to offer. I would never have known about spit splicing. You gave me my first lesson on cabling without a needle.