Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to ignore a sprained ankle:

Spend a good chunk of the day on a yarn crawl with Tracybird!

Friday, I was at Providence doing pre-op stuff and somehow managed to ignore (crossed legs, complex cable pattern) that my left foot went to asleep. When my name was called, I leaped up, gathered knitting and paperwork, took a step, another step, and then realized that my foot wasn't working and the floor was getting close.

Y'know, if you crumple in a hospital waiting room, you're suddenly surrounded by a LOT of people...

I tried to collect my knitting, paperwork, and dignity (managed the first two!), and carried on. (Spent the evening with my ankle wrapped and elevated, though.)

Saturday, Tracy and I met at The Knitting Bee. She'd made a Sideways Spencer out of BMFA's LLS, and wondered about the fit. (Fit was fine, and the yarn -- and Tracy's knitting! -- is gorgeous).

I'd been intending to stop by the Knitting Bee to pick up the yarn for a Hive Hat for my niece, so it was a good place to meet. And somehow, yarn for a scarf for said niece also found its way into my hands...

But apparently not enough. Tracy and I tromped off to see Cindy at All About Yarn where I bought the IK Weekend mag -- which I hadn't intended to, but dang!, there are some fun patterns.

Lunch, a wander through Powell's, and I realized (reluctantly) that my ankle had had enough and it was time to quit.

It may have been Tracy's charming company, it may have been yarn fumes, but it was a fun day, in spite of the ouchy ankle!

Thanks, Tracy!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lovely weather for tea and knitting

We've gotten the first hints that fall is on its way in PDXville: it's a cool, rainy weekend. No excuses needed to stay indoors and knit. The back of Kingscot is coming right along:

The yarn is knitting into fabric that's lovely and oh! so soft. But it's not so soft that the cables get lost:

I wonder why I thought a wool-bamboo combination was going to be difficult to knit!