Monday, March 2, 2009

Dare I say it?

I think, think, think that there may be actual progress on the Bohus.

(funny how "think" looks misspelled...)

Saturday was a spur-of-the-moment, let's go! day with TracyBird. The original plan was to meet at the Beaverton Powell's for coffee and some knitting after I went looking for a book I needed.

Bought the book, decided that it was feeling lunch-ish, remembered that Abundant had a lovely lunch counter, and headed to the East Side... where we serendipitously ran into Duffy working on her Queen Anne's Lace shawl. Chicken chili and, dang!, what was it called? Mocha coffee with cinnamon and chili? 'Twas good! Lunch, and yarny goodness? I can see why people like this store so much!

Several pleasant hours passed (at the risk of sounding like Jane Austen). What fun to just chat and knit with folks who Get It!

Then Tracy and I headed north to Twisted. Great people, lots of tea varieties when you need a moment to think, yarny goodness... I can see why people like this store so much!

More pleasant hours passed and, as a result, I can see Serious Progress on the Bohus. Even better, it's close enough to gauge that I think (there's that word again) that I may let it live.

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