Sunday, June 28, 2009

Third Thoughts

After thinking about it for a couple of days (and muttering a lot), I decided to take a deep breath and decide what, exactly, the Bohus needed to make it right. So I tried it on again.

I think it's okay. Seriously, I think the problem is me, not the sweater. I think I'm still in the I'm-not-skinny-anymore-so-clothes-have-to-be-huge mindset, and ignoring the doc saying I'm back down to "normal" weight. (Yeah, okay, the high end of "normal", but "normal". )

, Terry, Bobbie, Valerie... you gave good knitterly advice in the face of my earlier Bohus discouragement... am I nuts?

The sleeves aren't tight, the cuffs are snug -- which is what I was aiming for.

I think a shirt sleeve will comfortably fit inside the sleeve. I think the Bohus is okay.

(Now, if only I believed that the neck shaping is really going to work out when it starts this soon...)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes, well, I know...

It's one thing to say "more soon!" and entirely another thing to actually do it.

Seriously? I'm not the first person to type that?

I can't promise to do better, but I'll try. Right now, the main issue is this:

The Bohus. I've joined sleeves and body, knit the charts, done decreases, and... now I start the neck decreases? Seems a bit early, to me...

I've done enough decreases that I tried it on. I like the length and width of the body, even after squirshing out the 10 stitches for steek facings. I'm less sure about the sleeves. If this really is the width at which the neck is supposed to begin, the sleeves might be an inch long... and the forearms may be snugger than I'd like. (Hey, I was making it up as I went!)

Right now, Bohus is sitting quietly on the corner of the couch while I think about all of this. I'm trying very hard to ignore the "FINISH! You want to start the next sweater!" calls and listen to the "You'd totally wear this, if it fit nicely -- and you have the skills to make it right." voice.

Too bad "fit nicely" probably means re-knitting the sleeves and, therefore, the yoke...