Saturday, January 22, 2011

WHAT was that noise?!?

By the time I get home from work, I rarely have brain cells left to be creative when it comes to cooking dinner (never mind, creative enough to have leftovers for tomorrow's lunch!). And, in spite of rumors otherwise, working for the City of Portland does not pay so well that I can afford to eat out/get take-out/drive through for lunch OR dinner.

So I try to cook ahead, stocking my mini-freezer with single-serving meals that don't require much - if any - prep other than thawing and heating.

A couple of days ago, I found a great deal on boneless, skinless chicken breasts at my local store. Some would go into chicken-corn chowder, some into chicken taco rice, some would be cubed and frozen for who-knows-what. All recipes required browning/simmering/cooking first - so I got out my trusty over-large WearEver skillet.

Chicken seared, liquid added, lid on to simmer. A few minutes in, I heard a *>POP<* from the kitchen. Wandering back, I saw this:

Really? Is that what I think it is? Apparently so...

The glass lid has ...well, it hasn't shattered, 'cause it's all still there. MAYbe, if I'm really careful, I can lift it off?

Or not. Hmmm...

If I'm really careful, can I - without spreading glass all over the chicken - pick up the lid?

Apparently not.

Eventually, I let the entire thing cool enough that I could pick up the lid by the edge and toss it. My formerly favorite over-sized skillet now gets aluminum foil when I need a lid.


(Fortunately, the glass chucks were sufficiently large that I could avoid them, salvage the chicken, and carry on with cooking for the freezer!)


Tammy said...

That really sucks! I'm glad though that you could salvage the chicken.

PNWBookGirl said...

Oh no! Are you able to get a replacement lid? So glad you were able to salvage the chicken. I think its cool that you prepare a week ahead. You should come spin with us this Saturday at the grange.