Friday, March 26, 2010

Milestones, Albeit Odd

Two years ago -- well, 25 months ago to be accurate -- I bought a 200 foot roll of plastic wrap. I'd just moved back to the Pacific Northwest, was living in a studio apartment, about to start working for Portland Fire & Rescue, and househunting. And while the studio apartment had some amenities (two plates, two coffee cups, two sets of cutlery, etc.), it did not include dishwashing soap or plastic wrap.

Tonight's dinner leftovers mark the end of that 200-foot roll.

At 25 months per 200 feet, how long will the recently purchased-from-Costco, double-pack of 750-foot rolls of plastic wrap last?

(Comparing my personal use with what Tina and the Barn Gals go through every day at Blue Moon Fiber Arts amuses me greatly!)


PNWBookGirl said...

The only thing that came to mind was "You've come along way baby." I think Mary Tyler Moore and Marlo Thomas from "That Girl!" came to mind. :-)

Susan said...

You will be retired by the time those rolls are finished, unless, of course, you can come up with some alternative use for them.

Anonymous said...

Years, that's how long mine have lasted. YEARS