Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knitting Olympics

WHAT, pray tell, was I thinking?!?

When Steph decided that she was actually, factually going to organize the 2010 Knitting Olympics, I thought, "Heck, YEAH, I'm in!"

I had the perfect project in mind: a beaded lace shawl, Sivia Harding's Diamond Lace Fantasy. A stretch, but doable. I anticipated pure pleasure knitting this in amazingly wonderful BMFA Seduction. Even better, (here's the sneaky bit) a class at Madrona last Sunday, by Sivia, about this specific shawl.

I mean, y'gotta love a plan!

I knew I had two evening meetings this week (I can knit and look interested at the same time), an all-day workshop (ditto), and an all-day event with downtime (ditto). And that's just week one! It's still a stretch (I can't actually talk and knit lace, but I can listen...) but I'll be okay.


Except I forgot about the "bead" part.

It's one thing to quietly make hand motions under the table. It's another thing to break out a box of beads, a crochet hook, a pattern, AND try to knit quietly under the table.

In Olympic terms, I may not make it past the quarter finals.

What was I thinking?!?


Susan said...

To put it bluntly - I don't think you were thinking!
Stephanie did say it should be something that would be a challenge but is this within the realms of possibility whilst still looking intelligent at meetings?
Good luck - there is still a chance, you don't really need that much sleep.

Anonymous said...


Valerie said...

Oops! Tee hee. Good luck getting past the starting gate there...

Of course I can tee hee all I want, since I am not even trying. That's because my goal this week is in the arena of baking (hamentaschen) rather than knitting...

Anonymous said...

Here is where I start thinking. OK so I can knit it without the beads. The bargaining goes downhill like an Olympic skier from there. I bet you will figure it out.

LOL my verification word is stess. Haha get it stress without the R?